Staff List

EYFS & Key Stage One Department

Foundation Stage (Nursery N1)

Room Leader: Mrs Tara Barrott
Support Assistant: Miss Jasmine Jonessalmo

Foundation Stage (Nursery Pre School N2)

Support Assistant: Miss Sarah Cowell
Support Assistant: Mrs Claire Fish

Foundation Stage (Reception Class)

Class Teacher: Miss Rebecca Longworth
Support Assistants: Mrs Erica Smith

Year 1

Class Teacher: Miss Emily Duxbury
Support:Mrs Marg Corrigan

Year 2

Class Teacher: Miss Gabriella May
Support: Mrs Tracey Smith

Key Stage Two Department

Year 3 Class Teacher: Mrs Laura Higgins
Support Assistant: Mrs Jane Platt
One to One support: Mrs Jacqui Squirrell
Year 4 Class Teacher: Mr Nick Webster
Support: Mrs Debbie Bird
Year 5 Class Teacher: Miss Robyn Starkey
One to One Support: Mrs Samantha Walwyn
Support Assistant: Mrs Catherine Richardson
Year 6 Class Teacher: Miss Natasha Holmes
Support: Miss Chloe Nicklin

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer: Mrs Helen O’Neill
Executive Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Smith
Executive Assistant Principal: Miss Heather Martin
Assistant Headteacher/S.E.N.D.C.O: Mr Daniel Flannigan-Salmon
Assistant Headteacher: Miss Hannah Knighton (EYFS and KS1 Lead)
Team Leader (KS2): Miss Robyn Starkey
Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarah Smith or Miss Heather Martin
Safeguarding Deputies: Mr Daniel Flannigan-Salmon/Miss Hannah Knighton
Statutory Assessment Lead: Miss Heather Martin

Administration Team

Administration Assistant: Mrs Joanne Kellett
Administration Assistant: Mrs Sarah Jones

Planning Preparation and Assessment (PPA), Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR)

Foundation: Miss Hannah Knighton
KS1: Miss Hannah Knighton
KS2: Mrs Jenny Lee and Mr Daniel Flannigan Salmon

Extended Provision Team

Breakfast Club Facilitators: Mrs Pat Badowski and Mrs Erica Smith
After School Club Leader: Mrs Margaret Corrigan
After School Club Facilitators: Mrs Erica Smith

Children and Families Support Team

Family Engagement Manager: Mrs Esther Hemingway (Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri)
Family Engagement Manager: Miss Amy Murphy (Monday)
Pupil Welfare Officer: Mr Eddie Matthews

Caretaking and Cleaning

Site Supervision: Mr Jim Chadwick
Cleaners: Bullough’s SLA

Special Needs and Behaviour Support Team

Support Assistant: Miss Angela Holmes (SALT)
Support Assistant: Miss Angelika Schab (EAL)
SHINE Support and Intervention: Mrs Tracey Park

Welfare Assistants (Yet To Be Confirmed with Welfare Staff)

Miss Michelle Green - Year
Mrs Patricia Badowski - Year
Mrs Anna Boltuc – Year
Vacancy – Year
Vacancy – Year
Mrs Anita Brown – Year
Mrs Jane Platt - Year
Miss Amy Flannery – Year
Mrs Nicola Bergman Duncan – Year